Coffee: More than just great taste

Whitsunday (Australian Skybury)Coffee: More than just great taste

By Jennifer Price- Nutritionist

Honestly, I don’t think anybody needs an excuse to enjoy a good cup of coffee. But just in case you’re looking for more reasons to indulge in your favourite brew, here are a few interesting health benefits to coffee I’d like to share.
Of course, one of the main things we usually notice is the stimulating lift a cup of coffee can provide. Indeed, studies have confirmed coffee will improve attention, concentration and co-ordination. Fuzzy-headed drowsiness is swept away allowing you to think more clearly and respond much quicker.
Strangely enough, even though coffee gives you that lift, it also has the ability to relax the smooth muscles within the body. Smooth muscles line the bowel and blood vessels, so coffee can in some instances help relieve headaches (including migraines), and assist with regular bowel movements. This explains why some people need a coffee to ‘get them going’ to keep their bowels regular. Not a bad thing really!

Coffee assists the digestive system in other ways too, as the slightly bitter properties of the bean stimulate the production of digestive juices. For this reason researchers believe coffee drinkers have less chance of developing gallstones, as it keeps things flowing.
Now, if all this weren’t enough, a good cup of coffee also contains a wonderful supply of health promoting antioxidants. Research is expanding in this area, so you’ll more frequently hear how these antioxidants can assist various health conditions. Generally speaking though, antioxidants help keep cells within your body healthy, boosting the immune system while providing protection from disease. Antioxidants have also been found to be anti-aging!!

One thing to keep in mind is that coffee tends to have a diuretic effect, in other words it causes you to lose fluid from the body, so don’t forget to have an extra glass of water for each coffee you consume.
Now you can thoroughly enjoy that fine cup of coffee even more with the comfort of knowing it’s doing you good!!