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A rich Central American blended coffee which is Rainforest Alliance certified. A full flavoured coffee which allows the true flavours’ to penetrate milky coffees such as lattes and cappuccinos.Supreme Gold (Supreme L)

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Silk Supreme (Supreme)

This award winning coffee is another superb balanced blend of coffee from India, Colombia
Kenya and Indonesia. Silk Supreme is a coffee blended to suit all uses and tastes delivering a
beautiful silky crème and ideally suit to home and office machines or plungers.

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Supreme Nero (Supreme 25)This award winning Rain Forest Alliance coffee is smooth and creamy with a distinctive yet delightful chocolaty taste.

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This coffee is tangy and refreshing with a medium body, sunny acidity along with an unequally

soft sweet aftertaste found in only the best coffee beans from this area.

Costa Rica

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Grown in the tablelands region new Cairns. This coffee is the pick of the bunch for Australian grown coffee, with a medium to light body with light acidity.Whitsunday (Australian Skybury)

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